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RV Life - How To Live As A Traveling Artist

One of the best things an artist can do for their career is travel.  It provides inspiration and a way to gain exposure.  All the great artists traveled and the good news is you can probably travel for less than what it costs to stay in one place.  Many people live on the road for $1000 a month or less!  In this section I will share some info on how it can be done.  









One of the best resources is www.cheaprvliving.com  



Put together by Bob Wells, this site has a wealth of information on vehicle dwelling.


I also follow many Youtube Channels on the topic.  Some of my favorites are:




Into The Mystery 13


Wizard Dream 




Gone with the Wynns


Vans are not just for hippies any more.  Countless millenials are trading the cubicle for a van or RV.  Technology makes it easier than ever to work for yourself on the road. Most people's biggest expense these days is housing.  Ditch the mortgage or rent payment and start traveling! You can't afford not to!

For a year and a half my rig was a 1978 Dodge Tioga.  It was fun but a gas hog and hard to find parking for. So now I am building a much smaller campervan in a Chevy Astro.....


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