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Festival season is coming up and that means festivals and concerts and other opportunities for live painting. One thing I have noticed that causes issues at shows is lighting.  Here are a few tips to make every ones experince better.


- Bring battery powered LED cliplights.  This allows you to set up anywhere even if there is not power nearby.  This is really a good idea if you are "renegade painting" meaning you are not one of the sponsored painters at an event. outdoor festivals often run on generators and have limited electricity.  If a bunch of extra live painters show up it can stress the system causing power failures. 


-Bring low watt true white bulbs.  Do not use yellow bulbs.  They don't flatter the colors of your painting.  I once had a photographer tell me that he only really wanted to post the photos of my art because everyone else was using yellowish bulbs that made the photos of the art look dull.   


-Don't bring high powered lighting to indoor gigs.  Mask the light with a white sheet of paper if you have to. Most event producers, bands, dj's and dancers don't want a whole lot of extra light in the room.  


CFL Bulbs are toxic if they break!  Compact flourescent lights contain mercury gas inside. If they break indoors you are supposed to leave the area and ventilate the room. Probably not possible in a crowded nightclub so it's best not to use these.



I'm an Aquarius, according to astrology. So the sun should rise into the constellation of Aquarius on my birthday right? It doesn't. It rises into Pisces on that day. Why? Because the whole calendar has shifted off from it's original starting point. The zodiac as we know it was developed in Babylon a long time ago. It originally had 13 months as did most ancient calendars. The month of Ophiuchus was removed when the zodiac was adopted into Europe. So why do some people think it works? It's basically just the psychology of symbolism. We see ourselves and our life in the symbols we create. Why did people see a fish in a certain constellation? Or a water bearer, or a bull? Because it was important to them. Native Americans had constellations based on local animals. Do you think someone in Alaska looks at the night sky and says " Oh, Look a crocodile!" No they saw what was in their mind, their environment. It's the same with Tarot cards. Whatever one comes up, you can find some way it applies to your life. What is the simplest form of divination? It only has two possible results. Flip a coin. Heads or tails? It's not that the coin tells you what to do. But when that coin is in the air, you know how you want it to land.

I just spent 3 days in Sedona, Arizona.  I will definitely be going back soon. 

I came out to California for One Love festival.  It was great and now I'm just exploring the coast.  

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