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One time there was a guy named Joe who liked to go out in the woods and meditate, One day he was sitting in his favorite spot with his eyes closed and he felt something licking his face so he opened his eyes and saw there was a fox right in front of him spinning around and acting playful so Joe began to play with the fox until they were both exhausted. A few days later Joe noticed he felt completely different. All the stress of life had just dissolved away and everywhere he went Joe gave hugs to total strangers and spread love and joy wherever he went. Joe figured he had obtained total enlightenment from all the meditating and that's why the fox was so friendly with him. He began touring the country speaking at festivals and events and everywhere he went he had a transformative affect on people. They soon felt enlightened and began spreading Joe's message as well. Eventually peace and understanding overtook the entire planet. All wars stopped and all nations came together and built a utopian society. People believed that we had achieved the "Ascension" or "Christ Consciousness" that had been predicted, but it was just rabies. See there are two types of rabies, one that make the animal super aggressive and another that makes an animal overly friendly in order to spread itself. The fox had the second type and everyone in the world got rabies. So if you're out in the woods and some animal starts acting like this, you're not Saint Francis, it has rabies.

The End

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