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Hi everyone, Its been 15 years since I sold my first paintings by accident. I never thought it would be such a big part of my life. Since then, I have sold at least 8 thousand originals and about as many prints. I have done 500 sales on Etsy and have been a featured artist at a lot of Colorado festivals. I get gigs live painting at corporate events and concerts. I get a lot of questions from other artists about all of this, so now I am putting together an e-book/ video series that covers these topics:

Developing an artistic style
Finding an audience.
Live Painting at Concerts and Festivals
Live painting for corporate events
How to copyright and protect your art from bootlegging
Online marketing including Etsy FB IG TikTok and more
How to make prints & reproductions
Making art from found and upcycled items
Shipping art
The diferent types of art galleries and which ones to avoid.
Supplies I use: Acrylics, Airbrush, Spraypaint, Alcohol Inks, Watercolor etc
Managing Time
Putting Art on Clothing Mugs and other products
Understanding Crypto Currency and why artists should use it.


Basically, I just want to make the course I wish someone could have shown me when I was starting out. 

So what am I missing? What else should be covered? Should it be just a book, or just videos or both? Should I offer coaching and consulting to go along with it? What would be a fair hourly rate? I'm thinking $1 per minute for phone time. What would you pay for a book/video course like this? I'm thinking $25 so it's affordable to most everyone. 


Check back and please message me with any questions or comments on this project.


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