Mr. Mizu - Music & Art -Denver Colorado

Software & Tools


I mostly use Gimp to edit my photos.  It's free and easy to use.  You can download it here


I use it for some of my fractal and mosaic remixes of my paintings. 



There are dozens of tutorials on Youtube on how to use Gimp





A great sample library I use to find unique sounds for my music.


Ubuntu Studio Operating System


It's a fast, stable and FREE Linux based O.S.  It comes with a whole bunch of great software for musical and visual artists.


Ardour - A DAW much like Ableton or Protools

Gimp - Mentioned above

Blender - 3D Images and Movies

Inkscape - Vector based graphics tool that rivals Adobe Illustrator

Openshot Video Editor

Krita- Illustation & Animation

OBS Studio - Live Streaming

Libre Office

and a lot more.






I use this print-on-demand service to make my clothing.








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